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Grey Seal

Horsey Gap

40% of the Worldwide population of the Grey Seals are in England! We are so lucky that a very large colony has chosen Norfolk Coast as their home! 
These pics were captured at Horsey Gap ( 30 min drive from Surlingham), where there is a large stretch of protected beach, where the newborn pups can be seen from late November.
Mother seals feed their pup for 18-21 days only.
Grey Seal can dive for up to 70m and submerge for 5-10min. 

Grey Seal often bask in the sun, which is believed, removes parasites from their skin

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Blakeney Point 
From Blakeney and Wells you can join a pleasure craft to view the Grey Seals basking on the Norfolk Beaches and sands and swimming close to the boat. Booking is not always required, but trips are subject to tide conditions (normally available only at high tide). Booking is suggested. 
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